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As defender, don’t take your trump Ace too quickly; retain it to dictate the rate at which trumps are drawn

SECTIONAL CONCLUDES --That's a wrap for another enjoyable Ventura Sectional.  Many hands contributed to the success of the Tournament, chief among them, Tournament Manager, Bob Gruber, the nonpareil Kitchen staff of Judy and Mark Kupperman, Tom Ciacio, part-time director, part-time liaison with ACBL, full time dealing robot operator (lots and lots and lots of boards), our able Partnership duo of Mike Gaddis and Susan Lang, primary sleppers Don Cline, Floyd Richards and Gary Morgan, ACBL Head Director, Dave White, and our cadre of Caddies.  Many of these people have done this year-in and year-out, so our thanks extent to all the years they've "done it," not just this year.

SECTIONAL RESULTS --Go to our Results page to see the results of our just completed Sectional.

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