Ventura Unit Bridge Clubs

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Any discard from dummy denies a card combination not consistent with the discard.  If declarer discards from AQxx in dummy, declarer won’t have Kx(x) but may have Kxxx or no K

SATURDAY GAME AFTER THANKSGIVING --Two things about the Saturday game after Thanksgiving: 1) there won't be one unless at least 4 tables sign up ahead of time, and 2) if there is one, it will be at the Townehouse (in the basement).  So, if you wish to play on Saturday, 29 November, be sure to sign up on one of the reservation sheets at your local club.

HOLIDAY PARTY --The annual Holiday Party will be Thursday, 4 December, at Temple Beth Torah.  It will be a pot luck with the Unit providing the entree.  Reservations are needed so we know how much of the entree to order.  Thanks for signing up on one of the Reservation sheets at your club.  Be sure to sign up on the right sheet.  Confusion either way will be a problem.

HAND-A-DAY CALENDARS --Baron-Barclay is offering the Times Hand-a-Day calendars for $14.75 + S&H.  Orders of 4 or more get them for $2.20 less ($12.55), so that should about cover Shipping and Handling.  Look for the order list at your local game.

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